Escape game Vernayaz


Escape game Vernayaz

From CHF 25.00

Have you ever heard of escape games? In this case, this is not a room that you will try to escape , but a former military fort. You will have to solve its mysteries and evolve in this particular universe made of forgotten rooms and secret passages . Are you up to the challenge?

Escape game, team-building, adventure
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Main language English
Number of participants min. 4 / max. 6
Minimum Age 18



During the Second World War, many soldiers passed through the decontamination areas in which you will enter . The names of these soldiers have been carefully listed in a computerized register which remains at the heart of the fort. Try to find it in less than 75 minutes!

The colonel’s office

As a result of the recent research carried out in the fort, an abandoned office from a mysterious colonel  was found. A letter he wrote makes us think that one of his most precious secrets is hidden here. Will you be able to find it in less than 60 minutes ?

Price: 25.-/ pax

This price includes:

  • 1 escape game for one person
  • activity’s organization

Please note that your registration will be validated once we receive the amount on our account. We will then send you an e- mail confirming your registration and telling you where to meet your future team players.

Duration: 1:15 (Quarantine ) / 1:00 (Colonel Office)

Place : Vernayaz ( specific information will follow a few days before the event)

Access: you can leave the car in the car park of the cemetery of Vernayaz, which is right next to the entrance of our activities.

Equipment: equip yourself with warm clothes and shoes. Activities take place in an old military fort where the temperature is almost constant (approx. 15 °C).

The activity takes place all year round and in every kind of weather .

Please send us an email at to register and tell us which escape game you’d like to do.

If you have never tried to escape a fort in Vernayaz , we suggest you to start by Quarantine. Once a group of 4 to 6 people made​​, we will send you a Doodle via email in order to find a suitable date for your group and some instructions to finalize your registration.